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The Third Quest Features

Through a balance of narrative fiction and informational text, intrigue and mystery engages students as they travel through ancient history. Research-based lessons include work with sophisticated vocabulary, word study, comprehension, fluency, and provides study skills and CCSS connections.


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Third Quest Training

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Multimedia Content

Eight short videos introduce concepts such as automaticity and enrich student knowledge of extinction, Pangea, and ancient civilizations.

Click here to view the Introduction to The Third Quest (1:47 minutes).

Quantifiable Results

Click here to see ORF pre-posttest scores for field test groups in Hawaii and thePacific Northwest

Click here to see vocabulary and comprehension pre-posttest scores for thePacific Northwest group.

Click here to see individual student ORF scores alongside vocabulary and comprehension scores for the Pacific Northwest group.

Taking on Low Literacy With Struggling Adolescent Readers

Interview With Lead Author Marilyn Sprick

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The Parallel Universe Sample Lessons

Two sample lessons are provided below. First download the related pages from the Coach’s Manual so you can follow along then play the lessons.
(Watch the whole lesson or fast forward to see how lessons progress.)

Level 0, Lesson 2 from the beginning of the program
Click to download corresponding pages.
Level 4, Lesson 6 near the end of program
Click to download corresponding pages.