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Taking on Adolescent Low Literacy

MTSS • Tiers 2 and 3

For grades 5 through high school

Reading well creates a lifetime of opportunities!

Comprehensive Vs. Targeted

Our reading interventions are based on the science of reading. Lessons provide explicit instruction in foundational reading skills (phonics), fluency, vocabulary, content knowledge, and comprehension.

Our Third Quest programs are diagnostic and prescriptive. Field-tested and proven, our programs deliver measurable results—creating enthusiasm and instilling confidence in readers.

"My child finished today’s lesson with a smile on her face rather than tears. Thank you."
–Parent, California
"The Third Quest virtual intervention classes are far and away the best-attended interventions with the highest engagement (95%)."
Principal, Oregon
"It is an easy program to follow. I would recommend it to other parents.”
–Parent, Hawaii
"My students are enjoying The Third Quest and are even eager to read every day!"
–Teacher, Georgia
"I would recommend the Parallel Universe because it is fun and helps improve your reading."
–Student, California
"My students come in and know exactly what to do. They are so excited to see how the adventure unfolds."
–Special Ed. Teacher, Montana
“My student is much more confident in class and reading in front of others. Her MAPS scores have jumped up.”
—Coach, Nebraska
"They are loving the Third Quest informational text. They are asking questions about what we are learning!"
–Teacher, Pennsylvania
"The program will help you with sophisticated words.”
—Student, Pennsylvania
"Thank you for creating a comprehensive program aligned with the science of reading."
Educational Consultant, Pennsylvania
"My son volunteered to read on the intercom. He would never have done that before."
—Parent, Oregon
"There is a bounce in the students’ steps. They are confident and looking proud."
–Teacher, Washington
"Now I can read better with fluency and understand the story better.”
–Student, California

Our easiest-to-implement intervention



41 Lessons • 45 minutes each*

School- or home-based intervention: Lessons are coached by a teacher, para, coach, parent, or volunteer (Streaming video lessons support but do not replace coach-student interactions.)

Our most robust intervention


75 Lessons • 60 minutes each*

(Start one day, finish the next)

School-based intervention: Lessons are taught by a trained teacher or paraprofessional

*Time estimates vary depending on student entry levels and response to intervention.
Listen to results from teachers, overview the program, listen to the author …
Parallel Universe

Overview Video

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Reading Before & After

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What Teachers, Students and Parents Say

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The Third Quest

Overview Video

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Reading Before & After

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What Teachers, Students and Parents Say

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We encourage teacher training to ensure program effectiveness. The value of a teacher’s interactions with students and their ability to use The Third Quest explicitly and diagnostically creates engagement with the disengaged and improved reading skills for students who have plateaued.

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The Parallel Universe Sample Lessons

Two sample lessons are provided below. First download the related pages from the Coach’s Manual so you can follow along then play the lessons.
(Watch the whole lesson or fast forward to see how lessons progress.)

Level 0, Lesson 2 from the beginning of the program
Click to download corresponding pages.
Level 4, Lesson 6 near the end of program
Click to download corresponding pages.