We encourage teacher training to ensure program effectiveness. The value of a teacher’s interactions with students and their ability to use The Third Quest explicitly and diagnostically creates engagement with the disengaged and improved reading skills for students who have plateaued.



Training tailored to your school or district’s schedule and implementation needs.

Ancora Publishing has partnered with CORE (Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education) to deliver professional learning on The Third Quest.

CORE has been at the forefront of reading support for 26 years, providing high-quality professional development that supports educators in implementing evidence-based reading practices with rigorous and effective instruction.

The Third Quest is on CORE’s carefully selected list of effective reading interventions.

CORE’s adolescent literacy experts are ready to provide basic training and job-embedded professional learning on The Third Quest.


  • Basic Training
  • Systems Level Collaborative Planning and Support
  • Classroom Teacher Coaching (live or virtual)
  • Coach Support and Capacity Building
  • Data Study

Connect with CORE to explore training options. Reserve your time now.

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Open Registration

Marilyn Sprick will be conducting a virtual Third Quest Training in November 2021.

Click here to download registration form.

8 AM TO 3:30 PM PT (includes 30-minute break)
(9 am to 4:30 pm MT / 10 pm to 5:30 pm CT / 11 am to 6:30 pm ET) 

3 PM TO 4:30 PM
You will be assigned to a session based on your time zone. 

  • Pacific Time: Monday, December 4 
  • Mountain Time: Tuesday, December 5 
  • Central Time: Wednesday, December 6 
  • Eastern Time: Thursday, December 7 

Participants will learn how to deliver The Third Quest with fidelity, effectiveness, and enthusiasm. This basic training includes:

  • Working knowledge of the Third Quest’s comprehensive programming
  • Learning how to deliver explicit instructional routines for teaching vocabulary, word recognition skills, fluency, comprehension, content knowledge, motivation and study skills
  • Diagnostic teaching and progress monitoring


Schedule a Third Quest Web Meeting Overview to address whether The Third Quest is a fit for your students and schedules.
To set up a free web meeting overview, use this form to contact us or call 1-866-542-1490.


Or go to: to learn more

Scroll down to take a skim through the Program Overview. Watch the video introduction to The Third Quest: The hook to engage students. Go to “Quantifiable Results” to view more data.

Join lead author Marilyn Sprick to learn how The Third Quest reading intervention helps students at Tiers 2 and 3.

The Third Quest Webinar – February 11, 1:00pm PT

The Parallel Universe Sample Lessons

Two sample lessons are provided below. First download the related pages from the Coach’s Manual so you can follow along then play the lessons.
(Watch the whole lesson or fast forward to see how lessons progress.)

Level 0, Lesson 2 from the beginning of the program
Click to download corresponding pages.
Level 4, Lesson 6 near the end of program
Click to download corresponding pages.