The PDFs that have Fillable in their filenames allow you to use a computer or other digital device to type in information and save the PDF when you use Adobe Reader 7.0 or above to open them. Not all fields are fillable in every form.


Download the latest version of Adobe Reader at:


Note for Macintosh users: If your computer opens these PDFs using the Preview application, launch Adobe Reader first, then select File/Open to open the PDF. When you open a fillable PDF in Adobe Reader, you will see a message at the top that says you can save data typed into the form. Fillable forms also have a Clear Form button at the top. This button appears on screen but does not print.


Select Highlight Fields to see what areas of the form can be filled in. Press the Tab key to move down through the fillable fields. Press Shift+Tab to move up through the fields. To fill in a field, place your cursor on the field and click. In some cases, clicking adds a check mark to the field. In other cases, you will see a blinking cursor, which means you can type in the
field. You cannot change the font or font size in these fields. In most cases, you can bold, italic, or underline type by selecting the text and right-clicking to view formatting options.


You can print filled-in forms and/or save them to your computer. Use Save to save the form with your changes. Use Save As to create a new copy of the form with your changes. Quick Reference charts with a summary of the steps for implementing Fluency Boosters have also been included on the CD. Each chart corresponds to a specific routine as explained in the Getting Started guide (Intervention, Warm-Up, Homeroom, and Tutorial and Parent).

The Parallel Universe Sample Lessons

Two sample lessons are provided below. First download the related pages from the Coach’s Manual so you can follow along then play the lessons.
(Watch the whole lesson or fast forward to see how lessons progress.)

Level 0, Lesson 2 from the beginning of the program
Click to download corresponding pages.
Level 4, Lesson 6 near the end of program
Click to download corresponding pages.