The Third Quest Training

Presented by Marilyn Sprick, Lead Author of The Third Quest

This training is for individual teachers and leadership teams responsible for delivering reading intervention in middle and high school (grades 5 through 12).

This comprehensive versus targeted reading program is powerful for students who need a strong teacher-directed program in order to generalize stronger reading skills to other classes.

Learn how to teach this effective intervention with fidelity and high success.


Why you might want to attend:

Comments From Teachers Using The Third Quest

  • Increased scores—students feel measured growth and are transferring to content classes.
  • Even my eighth-grade students are so engaged—especially with the Word Study.
  • My students now LOVE to read out loud. Their comprehension and writing summaries have greatly improved. They have developed perseverance. Oh, and they love using the new vocabulary words they have learned. I can’t say enough good things about this program.



Book your group rate for The Third Quest Training December 2019
Rate of $135 plus tax good through Nov. 24, 2019, single or double occupancy.


When: December 5—6, 2019
Where: Seattle, WA
Seattle Airport Marriott
3201 South 176th Street
Seattle, WA 98188


Session Times
8:30 am–3:30 pm
Thursday and Friday

Comments from our first training
in June 2018:

All star—superb in every way

High energy!

Lots of examples—flow:
excellent videos

Excellent delivery of information

Content • Professional Development

• Fluency: The Gateway Skill to Comprehension, Results

• Comprehensive Versus Targeted

• Program Orientation

• Before Reading: Arrival, Vocabulary, and Word Study

• During Reading—Comprehension

• After Reading: Fluency and Comprehension

• End of Level: Assessment—Diagnostic Work and Motivation

• Pacing and Time

• Teaching with fidelity

• Taking the Third Quest back home to colleagues and students

Professional Development Credit

Graduate-level professional development credit for attendees of training sponsored by Safe & Civil Schools is available through Brandman University’s Extended Education department.

Before registering with Brandman, be sure to check with your district and/or state program to ensure that these credits will be accepted. They are not accepted in some locations.

Register for credit through Brandman’s Special Topic Exploration independent study option. Credits awarded will be based on coursework. Cost ranges from $150 to $400, depending on credit units.

After registration, students will complete a project that demonstrates their ability to apply the strategies they learned during the training. The project will then be evaluated for credit.

For additional information regarding registration and transcript questions, please contact Brandman University, 800-632-0094.

Attendance is limited. Registrations will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please complete the registration form and fax it to Ancora Publishing at 541-345-1507 or email to info@ancorapublishing.com.

The $500 registration fee includes:

  • 2 days of training with Third Quest lead author, Marilyn Sprick
  • Lunch provided each day of training
  • Training materials and a copy of The Third Quest Program Guide
  • Ongoing connections with Marilyn during 2019–20 to share diagnostic tips, hints, data, troubleshooting, and celebrations

Schedule a Third Quest Web Meeting Overview to address whether The Third Quest is a fit for your students and schedules.
To set up a free web meeting overview, use this to contact us or call 1-866-542-1490.


Or go to: TheThirdQuest.com/enter-the-third-quest to learn more

Scroll down to take a skim through the Program Overview. Watch the video introduction to The Third Quest: The hook to engage students. Go to “Quantifiable Results” to view more data.

The Parallel Universe Sample Lessons

Two sample lessons are provided below. First download the related pages from the Coach’s Manual so you can follow along then play the lessons.
(Watch the whole lesson or fast forward to see how lessons progress.)

Level 0, Lesson 2 from the beginning of the program
Click to download corresponding pages.
Level 4, Lesson 6 near the end of program
Click to download corresponding pages.